TBT: Hi-Tec Adventure Racing Series

  • Do you remember these from the late 90s?
  • Back when Hi-Tec shoes were actually considered “high tech”, back when the Eco-Challenge was break-through reality television, back before Tough Mudders took over the adventure racing world, there was…this!
  • HTAR courses included trail running, inflatable kayaking and mountain biking – with a variety of strange, teamwork challenges thrown in

WAY BACK in the day, when I lived in Washington DC, a group of us signed up for a bunch of Hi-Tec Adventure Racing Series events.  Not quite ready for real triathlons (were they even popular back then?) and dreaming of how amazing it would be to participate in the Eco-Challenge, we settled for these.

Hi-Tec teams were made up of three members.  Each team member had to compete the three main events (run, bike, paddle) and then the entire team had to work together to complete the various obstacles out on the course.   Sometimes you’d round a corner and realize that your team needed to scale a log wall.  Sometimes you come across a table on which you’d have to solve a puzzle.  Inevitably some teams would scramble to figure out how to keep their inflatable kayaks from capsizing.  I can’t remember how long each of the segments were, but I think the entire thing was over in a few hours.

The Hi-Tec events were pretty goofy, but they were always good fun.  Perfect for a Sunday morning.  And my team consistently celebrated our accomplishments with the final leg of the event: beer drinking.

Good times – 90s style!

Author: troy figgins

Ultra-runner, ketogenic enthusiast, experiment of one. Like you, I'm just an ordinary person trying to figure out how to do extraordinary things.

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